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Aspect Honeycomb-Carbon Stainless-Matted Backsplash

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Peel and stick Honeycomb style metal tiles in Carbon Stainless compliments both cool and warm tones and brings distinction to any home décor. (Includes 3 sections or about 1 square foot)
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How Many Do I Need?

This Carbon Stainless finish, offered at a deep discount, is slightly lighter than our regular stainless finish.

Each Honeycomb backsplash tile matted tile section measure 11” wide x 4” high. Each hexagon tile is 1.4” from flat to flat. Each section contains 24 hexagon tiles. There are 3 sections of matted tiles per box or about one square foot.

Be inspired to create an exciting, contemporary space with Aspect peel and stick tiles — the radiant look of metal brought to life in an eco-friendly, affordable alternative to high-end installations. This striking backsplash or wall treatment provides high-tech sheen to a room, or if surrounded by softer textures, conveys luxurious sophistication.

Aspect tiles are perfect for a do-it-yourself kitchen makeover project. Whether you are remodeling an entire room or simply accenting a small area, Aspect metal tiles create an instant designer flair. The peel-and-stick tiles are available in brushed stainless and brushed champagne.

Try Aspect for multiple applications — backsplash, walls, countertops, cabinets, toe-kicks, details, accents and more. Mix and match our colors and textures of metal tiles for a unique contrast. Manufactured from 60% recycled materials. Ready to mount on your wall. Just peel and stick, it eliminates the need for tile installer and problems with old walls or tiles. Tiles are manufactured of double-sided aluminum with a polymer core.

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Looks sweet...
We were looking for something different, easy and not messy.  This backsplash is it!  It is relatively easy to do, ours went on existing ceramic tile (from 1985).  Where I spent most of my time was cutting...sides and top.  The jig saw is best, use a metal blade with lots of teeth per inch (tpi), cutting over plywood, use masking tape.  My wife approved and loves it!  
From: STEVEN JACOBSON | Date: 3/16/2013 7:18 PM
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How Many Square Feet of Backsplash Do You Need?

To determine the square feet of backsplash that you will need for your project, you will need to use a tape measure and find the dimensions (height and width) of the area you plan to cover. Most areas are not a single height or width, but can be broken up into separate areas. In the example below we have three areas to be covered by new backsplash. The instructions shown below - Backsplash Square Feet Planning - can also be downloaded (pdf) and printed.

For all trims, just measure the length of the panel's edge or corner to be covered and purchase enough to cover.